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What oil is used in the production?

We use rapeseed oil from a Czech family company. It has great nutritional value. High content of omega 3,6,9 and vitamin D.


Why don't you use olive oil?

Olive oil is flavored in itself, has a bitter taste and would affect the taste of our oils.


Where do the ingredients come from?

We buy herbs from Czech growers and greengrocers, other ingredients from specialized stores in the country. eg paprika comes from Hungary, chorizo ​​from Spain, a mixture of curry spices from India, etc.


Where are oils produced?

We produce oils in our production kitchen in Dobřichovice near Prague.

How to use oils best?

You will find inspiration on how to use oils on our website + follow our social networks, where we also add other inspiration on how to use oils.


Why aren't the bottles glass?

Our oils are also used in professional kitchens (restaurants, hotels), where glass can not be used and also for better dosing of your gastronomic creations.


Are the bottles recyclable?

The bottles are made of PET, or plastic, and can be sorted. In any case, we offer a refilling system on the e-shop so that you don't have to throw away the bottles, you just need to refill them.


Will be oils delivered safe?

The oils come in handmade wooden boxes to prevent damage during transport.


How long do oils last?

Consumption is 3 months from production. Date is on the label of each oil. It is essential to store oils in the refrigerator to preserve color and flavor.

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