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I started writing the story in 2020, when coronavirus-related events hit my profession. Until then, I had worked at Michelin-starred restaurant in Oxford and was gaining experience under my mentor, Chef Paul Welburn. He taught me to see the kitchen as a place where works of art are created on a plate. The kitchen has become a passion for me and an environment that inspired me to create the brand - flavored oils that are used in professional kitchens to fine-tune the taste of every course. At that time the idea occurred to me to create these flavored oils not only for professional cuisine, but also for ordinary lovers of gastronomy. During the whole lockdown, I adjusted the recipe so that the colors of the oils were really strong and the taste was as intense as possible. Everything is made by hand in small batches using the freshest ingredients.


My dream was to create a product for enthusiastic gastronomy lovers like me. Thanks to Infused-oil, you can raise the taste of any meal to a higher level at home, just like in a professional kitchen. And that is my goal.


Just add a few drops of oil to make your food taste even better. I have amazing combinations of flavors that will start your cooking. The oils will arrive at your home in handmade boxes with a burnt logo. I want to support not only quality local suppliers of raw materials from which I produce Infused-oil, but also local craftsmen who mean it as much as I do.


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